Beyond Clean Maids offers post-construction cleaning service in GTA, Markham, Pickering and Ajax.

Post Construction Cleaning Services.

Are you fed up with unreliable cleaning companies and crews?

Unsatisfied with the end quality of work?

The expectations of a cleaning job to be cleaned right the first time unmet?

Beyond Clean Maids understands the frustration and time involved to ensure your major projects, such as construction, are completed both timely and correctly.

Let us make your renovation (or new build) shine with our post construction cleaning service that will not only make you proud of the project you completed, but also help you further impress your clients or your family!

About the Service.

At Beyond Clean Maids, our professional cleaners have bot the equipment and the experience needed to handle post construction cleaning. With over 5 years of experience under our belt, we have cleaned after new builds and custom homes around Ontario. Despite the seemingly endless mess post construction, our staff gets rid of dust, dirt and small debris with ease

Benefits of Post Construction Cleaning:

Your safety comes first

Newly renovated homes or established construction sites usually contain a variety of potential hazards that could harm anyone in the area. Our post construction cleaning services have the tools to ensure you are protected from these sharp objects, as well as slips and falls.

Saves you time

After renovation, you're most likely occupied with many other tasks that demand your time and attention. Move into the new space as soon as possible via a post construction cleaning service that will clean up all the mess professionally.

Proper waste disposal

It's easy to remove dust and dirt after a few wipes, but the process of throwing out all the trash can be overwhelming if you're not sure what goes where. Our team of post construction cleaners are highly trained to differentiate landfill from recycling debris, and are equipped with the necessary PPE to safely dispose hazardous items.

Let your project shine

The biggest benefit of a post construction cleaning service is to have the final result looking its best! Our professional cleaning services use the right cleaning products to deal with each surface type, without harming the floors, new appliances, and other newly installed surfaces. 

Beyond Clean Maids is a home cleaning service company.

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Service Areas

Areas We Service.

Beyond Clean Maids offers home cleaning services to the following regions in Ontario.

Beyond Clean Maids provide cleaning services to residents in the GTA.


Beyond Clean Maids provide cleaning services to residents in Markham.



Beyond Clean Maids provide cleaning services to residents in Ajax.


Beyond Clean Maids is a home cleaning service company.