Service Policies.


  1. If children are present while our cleaning crew is in the house, for the safety of your children, we ask they be supervised while our staff and equipment are present.
  2. Please secure all pets that are dangerous to our employees both inside and outside of your house. Beyond Clean Maids cannot be responsible for cleaning up after pets.
  3. Due to our costs of doing business rise annually, we reserve the option to adjust our cleaning fees on an annual basis. We give as much notice as possible whenever this happens. Please understand, we take very seriously how any increases affect our customers and do so only when there is no other option.
  4. Prior to the cleaning crew's arrival, please remove all items, clothing, toys, etc. that may delay the efficient cleaning of your home. This will maximize productivity and minimize the time we spend to clean your home. If you prefer that our cleaning crew remove these items, we are happy to do so and will add the additional billing time with corresponding charges.
  5. If you have any irreplaceable, collectable or expensive objects, we ask that these items be secured or put away in order to avoid painful accidents.
  6. Please be certain your home is accessible to our cleaning crew. If you are not at home when we come to clean, please deactivate your security alarm prior to each scheduled visit, or provide us with a code. If our cleaning crew is unable to access your home or if our crew is turned away when they arrive (for any reason), a fee of fifty percent (50%) of the bill due for the service, that would have been performed, will be applied.
  7. It is our policy that our crew does not smoke or eat in your home or surrounding property. At Beyond Clean Maids, our crew does not clean animal cages or litter boxes, animal droppings, human feces, urine, vomit, soiled clothing or other similar biohazards.
  8. Beyond Clean Maids agrees to keep keys and other client information secure and confidential. Locksmith fees are paid only if Beyond Clean Maids misplaces the keys.
  9. Cleaning rates are subject to change as the condition of your home changes. Additional services need to be requested in advance so we can schedule the additional time and supplies needed. To include dusting of all furniture, if any surface is 50% cluttered, we will not be able to clean that area.

Cancellation Policy.

  • Cancellations must be received 2 days prior to scheduled service or full cleaning fees will be applied. This includes instances where we cannot access your home or an employee feels their personal safety is at risk due to an aggressive pet or actions by any individuals on the premise.
  • Beyond Clean Maids reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.
  • Beyond Clean Maids does not accept time specific calls as we cannot guarantee specific times accurately. We reserve the right to cancel scheduled cleanings due to inclement weather.
  • Beyond Clean Maids does not do holiday visits. If your scheduled day falls on a holiday, Beyond Clean Maids will call to reschedule.

200% Cleaning Guarantee Policy.

Beyond Clean Maids wants you to be completely satisfied every time. If, within 24 hours, you are not satisfied, Beyond Clean Maids will come back to your home and re-clean said items at no additional charge

Moving Furniture.

We will move “light” furniture but we do not move refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, etc. We will try to reach all visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

Release of Liability.

Should you decide you would like us to clean items of monetary or sentimental value (>$100), e.g., items within curio cabinets, etc., the following will apply:

  • Client hereby releases Beyond Clean Maids from all liability arising out of cleaning these item(s).
  • Client understands that he/she is completely responsible for repairing or replacing any damaged item(s) even if Beyond Clean Maids may have caused the need for repair or replacement.

Solicitation of Contractors.

By using our services, you agree not to solicit for hire any staff member introduced to you by Beyond Clean Maids for any home-related service. If you are found to have solicited one of our staff members, please be advised that our referral fee is $3,500.

Beyond Clean Maids is a home cleaning service company.